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AFP, Reuters: Unexploded bombs found in Bangkok

AFP: Unexploded bombs raise tensions in Bangkok

BANGKOK — Police in Thailand defused three unexploded bombs discovered in Bangkok and surrounding suburbs over a matter of hours, one of them in front of a school and one in a shopping mall, they said Thursday.

The finds — which come after a string of blasts in Bangkok — have raised further doubts over the speed at which emergency rule can be lifted in the Thai capital and prompted opposition accusations of a government conspiracy.

One device was found under a footbridge outside a school in central Bangkok on Wednesday morning, Major General Prawut Thavornsiri, the national police spokesman, told AFP.

On Wednesday night, two more, each weighing around five kilograms (11 pounds), were found at a shopping mall and in the public health ministry car park in nearby Nonthaburi province, he added.

Reuters: Unexploded bombs found around Thai capital

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Police discovered three unexploded bombs in Bangkok and a neighbouring province, authorities said on Thursday, the latest in a series of mysterious incidents stoking fears of civil unrest in Thailand.

The devices were all found on Wednesday, one near a school in Bangkok and two others outside a shopping mall and the Public Health Ministry in Nonthaburi, a province on the outskirts of the capital where a controversial emergency decree is in force.

There’s more from the Bangkok Post: “Govt expects more attacks” and “Jatuporn: Bombs a govt ploy.”

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