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WSJ: red shirts plan to rally Sept. 17 in Bangkok

WSJ: Red Shirts Test Thai Limits:

PATTAYA, Thailand—Four months after their marathon Bangkok street protests ended in a bloody crackdown, Thailand’s antigovernment Red Shirt protesters are testing the limits of what political and military leaders will allow, with a large fund-raising concert over the weekend in this bawdy seaside resort and another rally planned for the capital.

The movement’s leaders have set themselves a specific goal: the release of opposition activists arrested in the aftermath of May demonstrations. In their Bangkok rally, set for Sept. 17, they plan to lay red roses outside the prison where several Red Shirt leaders are held on terrorism charges. They are also encouraging supporters to stage other events to commemorate the 91 people killed during clashes between protesters and government security forces.

The story includes an image from last weekend’s Pattaya rally.

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