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NYT on parliamentary by-election and ongoing divisions in Thailand

Today’s New York Times has a story that looks at Sunday’s parliamentary by-election and ongoing tensions here in Thailand:

BANGKOK — In a parliamentary race this weekend that is being seen as a referendum on Bangkok’s recent upheavals, only one of the two leading candidates is campaigning.

The other is in prison, accused of terrorism for his leading role in the so-called red shirt protests, which paralyzed the city center until they were crushed by force in May.

The disparity underlines the divisions that persist in Thailand following a nine-week anti-government demonstration during which nearly 90 people were killed and more than 1,400 injured. Since then a sort of clenched turmoil has prevailed, with a surface-level calm concealing social and political conflict that most analysts say is likely to burst out again in the future.

(Emphasis mine.)

(Via @jonrussell.)

UPDATE: the WSJ also has a story today worth checking out: “Thai Divisions Shift to Voting Booth.”

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