Update on red shirt protests and state of emergency

Here are five Thailand-related links for your edification as the red shirt protests grind on here in Bangkok:

  1. Thailand Blocks Protesters’ Sites, MediaWSJ Asia
  2. Does Thailand’s Military Answer to the Government? —
  3. The End of the Thai Fairy Tale — op-ed in the WSJ Asia. ((Note: this link may be subscriber-only, depending on how you access it. Consult Google News, or look for a copy of the print paper.))
  4. Clash of Symbols — Andrew Marshall. ((By the way, if you’re not reading Andrew Marshall’s blog, you should be.))
  5. And last but not least, Snackpolitik: Protesting in ThailandThe Atlantic

For ongoing news, you can consult the Bangkok Post or The Nation.

And to fulfill your Twitter needs, here’s a list I’ve compiled of more than 80 Thailand-related Twitter-ers. This list is comprised of individuals and various news sources.

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