Thai Airways chief quits over excess baggage scandal

Financial Times:

The executive chairman of Thai Airways has resigned following allegations that he, his wife and another executive had flown with almost 400 kg of baggage between Tokyo and Bangkok last November.

Wallop Bhukkanasut, the chairman, said most of the more than 40 pieces of luggage belonged to an unnamed but important person and contained fruit to be donated to a Bangkok temple. He tendered his resignation before an internal inquiry could report next week.

The alleged incident, leaked by Thai staff disgruntled at cost-cutting at the lossmaking national carrier, produced widespread outrage in Thailand.

“His resignation has set an ethical standard for the airline’s executives on responsibility,” Ampon Kittiampon, the chairman of the board, said yesterday.

Mr Wallop has also been accused by Thai staff of ordering his baggage to be delivered to the lost and found baggage office to avoid customs duty, an allegation he denies.

(Emphasis mine.)

Here’s more info from the Bangkok Post and the WSJ.

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