Cargo plane seizure: N. Korean arms heading to Iran?

An update on the ongoing story about the cargo plane full of North Korean weapons that was recently seized here in Bangkok.

Here are two WSJ stories that highlight a couple of developments.

  • First, from Dec. 21, a piece about signs pointing to Iran as a possible destination for the arms.
  • And second, a Dec. 22 story with info on links between the plane and a company in Hong Kong.
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    There was a long paper in yesterday Bangkok Post’s Spectrum , unfortunately it’s not available online on the BP’s site.
    The part which continues to remain a mystery is ”the tip” on which acted the cops.
    This all story reminds me a lot of the Mossad style and the traps in which they often mislead Arafat. Somewhere in the world, the money for those weapons has been seized. The links are somewhere there, in the news.

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