More on Thailand, Cambodia and Thaksin

I’ve updated my earlier post about Thailand, Cambodia and Thaksin, but I wanted to add the latest news in a new post for RSS subscribers.

First, today’s development: Thailand has threatened to close the border with Thailand. Here’s an AFP story with more info.

And second, I wanted to point out some analysis from Reuters. The headline is “Thaksin launches new offensive to win back power.” Here’re the first few graphs:

His opponents may dismiss him as a fugitive criminal and a spent political force, but ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is redoubling his efforts to return to power in Thailand, and the government is stumbling.

His red-shirted supporters have been pushing for a royal pardon of his corruption conviction, which would allow the exiled billionaire to come home. Now Thaksin has raised the stakes with a series of moves likely to add fuel to an intractable crisis in Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy.

His acceptance of an offer to become an adviser to the government of neighbouring Cambodia has caused an ugly diplomatic row, with the prospect of his running a political campaign from across the border angering the powerful opponents who have fought hard to keep him at bay.

“The government is being seen as incompetent and we’re slowly moving towards becoming a failed state,” political scientist Pitch Pongsawat said. “Thaksin wants to steal the show … and we’re headed for a whole different battle.”

(Emphasis mine.)

I suggest reading the whole thing.

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