“Thaksin to receive award from Bolivian president”

Today’s Bangkok Post has this strange story: Thaksin to receive award from Bolivian President

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales was considering giving Thailand’s deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra the Order of Simon Bolivar after he aided Thai people in the grass-root level, improved their living conditions, and settled the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan.

Mr Thaksin was scheduled to receive the award at Plaza Murillo in Bolivia’s La Paz.

In addition, President Morales was expected to approach former premier Thaksin to become his advisor to overcome the economic problems in Bolivia.

The award was named after Simon Bolivar, a historical figure who freed many South American countries from Spanish rule.

I was going to bold certain sections that seemed especially odd. But then I’d just be highlighting the entire article…

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Under Thaksin, we see the rampant privatization of electricity, oil and gas industries, and health care. Existing state hospitals received deep budgetary cuts and are being bombarded with high cost drugs – a result of policies that favored big multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Thaksin couldn’t have been more closely related to the Bush family. He sends troops to aid George W. bush in his war in Iraq and has allowed the CIA to use Thailand as an “anti-terrorist” base in Asia. (

Trained as a Bangkok police with a criminology degree from Texas, Thaksin was responsible for the killing of at least 2500 innocent men and women during his “War on Drugs” (Regan style) in 2003. He’d also repeatedly portrayed Muslim youths as “thieves and bandits” because they protested against his involvement in Bush’s “War on Terror”. After ordering the killing of the 78 Muslim youths at Takbai in 2004, he blamed the death of those Muslim youths on “fasting too much during Ramadan.”

I’d like to see how Thaksin would advise Morales! (If this piece of news in indeed true)

Thaksin Shinawatra is the best primisnister for Thailand. His policy has brought the poor Thais to very much better living. The free medication, scholarship to study oversea awarded to poor villgage students (policy: one village, one students) and many more.

I’d say he’s a hell of a liar instead. I bet he’ll never receive such an award. It’s just propoganda to feed to his supporters in Thailand.

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