Hello from NYC

A and I have been in New York City since Monday.

I’d forgotten how much I love this metropolis; I lived here between 1997 and 1999. That was a long time back.

The weather is delightfully crisp (think jeans and a light jacket). The bagels and street-side hot dogs and pizza slices are even tastier than I remember them. And I’ve loved seeing the light filtering through the canyons of skyscrapers once again. Not to mention, of course, Gotham’s finest attribute: the great crush of humanity, with Nigerians and Nicaraguans and Albanians and Alaskans all pressed together on the subway.

There’s only one NYC.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing: If you’re in the area and would like to meet up, we’re getting together with a group of friends at a bar in the West Village tomorrow night (Thurs. the 15th). Email me for details.

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How could I forget Benson? He was a great guy. And still is, I’m sure. Didn’t get a chance to see our old apartment. Alas, we didn’t have any specials at Cherry Tavern, either. Next time.

Remember your Times Square roommate Benson? And that apartment! Oh, man. Will you be treating yourself to a tequila and a Tecate at the Cherry Tavern?

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