India Trip Photos

I’ve just posted all of my images from our 10-day trip to India. Here’s the full set. We were in Delhi for a few days and then went down to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. After that it was off to Jaipur before returning to Delhi.

A few of my faves:

Glowing Ganesh in Our Taxi
Glowing Ganesh statue inside our taxi in Delhi

The. Best. Samosas. EVER.

Tandoori Meal in Jaipur
Tandoori food!

Standing Room Only
Standing room only

...and After!
Thumbs up!

Thumbs Up Cola!
And Thumbs Up cola!

Demonstration at the India Gate, Delhi
Gathering at the India Gate in Delhi.

Cow, Woman, Kid, Cow
Agra street scene

The Taj, a Bit Closer Up...
The classic image of the Taj Mahal

Reflection, Flipped
Taj Reflection

A and I in Front of the Taj Entrance Gate
In front of the Taj Mahal entrance gate

The Taj, Framed
The Taj viewed from the side

River Behind the Taj
The river behind the Taj

Littel Feller and Musician
Along the road from Agra to Jaipur

Sunset in Jaipur, India
Sunset in Jaipur

Camel Cart, Twelve O'Clock!
Camel cart at 12 o’clock!

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremony

Women at the Lotus (Baha'i) Temple, Delhi
Women at the Lotus Temple in Delhi

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