Truth in Labeling — and Being Big Outside America

Truth in Labeling

The tag says it all:


I bought this pair of shorts here in Bangkok recently. If you’re a large person like me and you’ve ever tried to buy clothing in Asia, you’ll appreciate the fact that Adidas has seen fit to label these bad boys honestly. An XL in Asia is perhaps an M in America.

Related photos of me being large and in charge in the far east and elsewhere outside of North America:

With Some Folks Who Approached me in Jakarta
Looking silly in Jakarta.

At Gin-Long's Restaurant
With Mammoth and Dong and the Gin Long Crew in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (somewhat embarrasingly, I’m wearing the same tee in this pic — but hey, I was on a long trip).

Me and a Small Opel
Next to a microscopic Opel in Ireland circa 2002.

Standing next to a chair in the north of Vietnam

With a food vendor atop the Nariz del Diablo train
With a food vendor in central Ecuador

With some girls in Quito
And with a gaggle of girls in Quito.

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