Greetings from the Land of Smiles

I’m writing this from Bangkok. Arrived here yesterday on a direct flight from Kaohsiung. I’m staying near Siam Square. My belly is full of red curry with pork. I can taste Singha beer on my lips. The high was 92 degrees today. I can smell exhaust fumes from the tuk-tuks buzzing by outside. The air is dense and thick and sticky.

I absolutely love Thailand.

Anyway, I’m long overdue on some updates.

First: the conclusion of my Korea trip.


The photo above should explain the madness of my last evening on the town in Seoul. Went out to a bar in the Shinchon area with my brother and his friend John. And, among other things, the guy above was dancing with his head stuck in a lampshade. Other photos from the night can be seen at the end of my Korea photoset.

Best small world moment of my trip so far: Yesterday I received an email from a woman named Aly — she teaches English in Seoul and I met her that evening. Turns out she read a post Rolf Potts made in which he pointed to my blog; she checked out my site and hey, turns out she recognized me. She, too, knows Rolf and was inspired by his travel manifesto “Vagabonding,” and reads his site. And, interestingly enough, I’d seen and bookmarked her blog after Rolf linked to it last month. So I sat there that evening not knowing that I’d read her site before; she sat there and then ended up reading mine later inadvertantly after seeing it’s on Rolf’s blog. It’s enough to make your head spin, I tell ya.

Anyway, I’m pressed for time, so in my next post I’ll relate some tales from my splendid week in Taiwan. Bye for now.

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I think we should also get to vote on which girls you fire upon. I say dust off the olde magnifying glass and get to work. BTW: what’s your Ant Toasting Count these days?

Good suggestion, Mike W. I’ll look into that.

Miguelito: I like the sound of that — I could suggest three or four possible destinations and whichever gets the most votes is where I go next. That would be excellent.

as dedicated readers to, on which we depend for daily quota of odd travel stories/photos, I thought we deserve to have a bit of input into your trip…

how about a on-line vote for your next destination?


With all of these connections–be them small world or otherwise–that you’re making, it would suggest you might want to update the About Me section with a more recent photo. I’m thinking a nice sepia number: a classic portrait with overalls, Phillies helmet, and a brooding facial expression. Set in southeast Asia, of course.

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