Modest Swimwear

Hey, ladies: looking for some modest swimwear? You might find Wholesome Wear to be of interest as you go about sprucing up your summertime bathing collection.

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Interesting swimsuits, I bet those by prevent sunburns. I am sure there are people out there who coverup to prevent sunburns, (they are not fun)

I have one question.
In the time Jesus walked this earth where did he and his disciples bathe.

Out in the open, in public. Everone did this, there was no indoor plumbing. Public nudity was the norm around water. They did not have a closet full of clothes, you had one thing to wear, thats it.

We have sexualized the body to this ridiculous level, not God. We have a distorted view of the body.

Reread your bible -Isaiah 20:2
God will never command you to sin.

We have caused this – girls not liking their bodies, anorexia,bulimia, all the way to pornography, strip clubs. We have taught this stumbling block.

Anytime man changes things, we mess it up.

remember the story with Moses and the Israelites when they made God angry again. So He sent venomous snakes to them. Until Moses asked God for help. So God had Moses make a fiery snake to hang on a pole. When a person was bit by a snake they would look at the fiery snake made of brass on the pole and were healed. But now wait, later they began to worship that snake on a pole.
Once again man goes to far. We start with something good and we reck it, we go overboard.

Good thing I’m not a gynecologist some of you people would send me to hell.

God gave us clothing for protection. The animal sacrifice of blood was for our guilt and shame. Not the clothes.

Wake up people, not everything is about sex.

wow. man. sorry for saying this but when i saw these suits, i wanted to bust myself laughing! but i started to read on a bit, and you know what? if one of you peeps can actually thrue with wearing these, amen to you!! and may the Lord Jesus truly bless you. if u don’t go by what your convictions are telling you, and you believe the word of God is telling you, than your relationship with Him WILL be strained. i learnt that the hard way. so please don’t stop wearing the bathing suit if it’s helping your relationship with God.

Maybe these swimsuits are funny – and I don’t think the Lord requires such a complete covering.
But if there are ladies who (for religious or other reasons) want to cover their bodies like shown, they ought to be given opportunity to do so. In Germany for many Turkish girls swimsuits which their parents think to be modest enough are not available – so they don’t take part in swimming lessons. As a result some of them get drowned!
In America such swimsuits are sold – rather expensive BTW, but I think it’s a good thing if ladies who want to swim in such suits are able to do so.

Umm hey Ok i think that they idea of being Modest is awesome… But i think that this bathing suit is a little extreme! I mean a dress is appropiate for church and a bathing suit is appropriate for the beach. Like if u wore this to church you would fit right in. Not to mention it looks like when u step in the water you would just sink. I think that it is fine to wear a one piece suit exspecially because ur going to be swimming most of the time anyway and when u get out u can always tie a towel around ur waste or something!! I personally like to wear a bikini with a rash guard over top. I think this is a very stylish modest look. This looks like you bought it at a museum from the 1920’s I respect those who wear modest clothes. And for those of u who r willing to wear this suit u r very brave.
Oh and i would be perfectly willing to meet Jesus naked considering he made me. LOL so I think that he knows what I look like. And i mean he did make baby’s naked and Eve. and maybe in heaven who know we could be naked. In fact i would like it that way!!

Yes, God made Adam without clothes. After Adam sinned he made himself some clothes. Nearly as I can tell, it was a leaf loincloth. (“aprons of fig leaves”)

When God came that evening, did he praise Adam for his good covering? No. AND God no longer accepted Adam, now a sinner, in the nakedness in which He created him.

God made Adam and his wife (who were married and there was no one else aroung to see or lust), He made Adam and his wife COATS of skins (plural – took more than one skin). God considered that level of covering acceptable. You know, leather is not particularly see-through or revealing.

When someone wants to dress himself or herself to please God–not other people, not society as a whole–that person probably thinks carefully about the type of clothes God made when He did it Himself. He or she may reach the conclusion that the typical swimsuit, which could be made from less than one animal skin, isn’t enough clothing.

How much more clothing is needed should be a matter of their conscience before God.

No, I am not advocating we all dress in leather. No, I am not saying I think we need to wear heavy winter coats at all times.

I am saying God personally covered up His children. Since I am a descendent–and a sinner–I think if God were here, He would want me covered, too. I am no better than Adam.

Also the clothes you wear does kind of affect the amount of respect that people have for you. Then again so does the attitude that both people have for them selves and others. It is a doggie dog world out there, so do what you are most comfortable doing, don’t do it because others want you too. no stop arguing. thanks!

oh and as for the swim suit i think it looks nice, the colors are grat and very complimentry to the season and GOOD ATTITUDES that take place with the activity. i think it is very nice! ^_^

ok, girls calm down. first of all no one in this conversation is thinking bad of or is making fun of anyone with integrity. secondly you can have self respect and still show your knees or your boobs if you really wanted to, but neither means that you respect yourself more than the other. there are plenty of people who are ashamed of there bodies and cover up with no respect for them selves and vice versa. thats is just the way it is. and as for your friends in college that have guy trouble and you don’t, you know they may have a low self respct for themselves but it doesn’t have to do with clothes. i know plenty of people, nudest infact who have the highest bit of selfrespect that i have ever seen. so don’t go saying that the clothes you wear determines the level of self respect you have for yourself. also i like to wear swim suits that flatter my body. it doesn’t make me any less of a person, i just don’t like to be weighted down by big bulky clothes as i swim. you dress to the activity. there are many kinds and styles available so stop acting like this is the best rought for every one. if it is for you then good but please loose the “holyier than thou art” thing it does no one justice in this world.

I do not think it is very kind to make fun of people with integrity. Integrity is standing up for what you know is right even when it may not be popular or fun. We need a lot more people with integrity. I do not care for this particular style of suit and I agree they are a little funny looking compared to what is fashonable today, but I admire the women who wear this suit rather than lower their standards.
I also think you can be fashonable and modest at the same time and I am currently researching more modest swimwear options than my traditional one piece suit. There are very cute options out there like rashguards and board shorts. Wearing immodest clothing makes us cheap and also uncomfortable. I don’t have fun swimming or dancing when I am busy tugging on a swimsuit or skirt that is to small.
Men who go for girls that wear immodest clothing do not respect them the same way they respect girl who are dressed modestly. If you want to draw the best, most considerate, most loving and respectful men to you, you have to dress modestly. I think the desire to feel respect from men is something all women have whether religous or not, and dressing modestly is one of the best ways to get that respect because it shows that you respect yourself and others.
I am happily married to a guy who does the dishes and praises me at every turn, telling me how beautiful and wonderful I am. How come most of my friends in college that dress immodestly are still searching for a guy that respects them? If you want a great guy who respects you, you have to show him that you respect yourself.

What difference does it make what people believe? Everyone in this world will have a different opinion about SOMETHING! It doesn’t make anyone right or wrong.

As far as a ‘double standard’ neither my husband, nor my son go anywhere, inside the house or out without a shirt on. We strongly believe that EVERYONE should be covered to the knees.

But we don’t care for this particular style of suit either. But I won’t trash anyone for wearing it.

Personally, ladies here wear wet suits, and we don’t swim in public because I don’t want my children exposed to other people’s thongs, tyvm.

Did anyone here ever think to ask the question why it is that we feel the urge to insist that a woman cover her breasts at all, but don’t insist upon the same thing with regard to men? I mean if you actually think about it a woman’s breasts and a man’s breasts are, by all appearances, identical. Indeed when it comes to breast-size many men beat out many women in this particular area (probably much to the chagrin of the former). It’d be nice to find other people who have also taken the time to think rationally and objectively about this peculiar societal double-standard.

For you forward thinking skantly clad women, leave religious convictions aside. I can’t see a direct connection to being able to think for yourself and wearing your underwear to the pool. Are your relationships and self worth based on your bra-size? Let women who want to be modest do so, and if it’s morally too confining for you, consider the harmful effects of the sun!

If the Lord were to return here, right now, how many would feel right standing before Him practically naked?

I think that He knows what I look like naked as well as anybody, considering I didn’t shoot from the womb fully-clad.

I agree with Melissa. It is nearly impossible to find swimming attire that doesn’t “cling like a second skin and reveal everything” now a days. And the Lord doesn’t want us showing off our bodies to everyone. We are to treat our bodies as a temple, respect them and take care of them, and save the viewing of our “temple” for our spouses only when we are joined in matrimony. Question to ponder: If the Lord were to return here, right now, how many would feel right standing before Him practically naked?

It’s so reassuring to know exactly what “the lord overseer” wants you to do, isn’t it? That way you have instant justification for your beliefs and don’t ever have to think rationally! If the lord on high didn’t want our junk visible, why aren’t we designed with flaps of unobjectionable skin or thick pelts that cover or otherwise obscure the body parts about which we’ve decided we should be embarrased? When is the last time you saw a baby born wearing modest swimwear? No one would ever be required to wear skimpy swimwear against their will, so “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” and wear whatever you like! Go team modest swimwear!

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