More Weekend Happenings

Had a fun weekend. Jill and I went to dinner Friday night at the fabulous Obelisk. Exceptional vittles.

Earlier in the day–and I’m man enough to admit this–Jill treated me to a pedicure at Piaf Salon. Yes, a pedicure. My first one ever. I feel like I’m walking around on new feet now. (If you go to Piaf, be sure to see Keit–he’s Vietnamese and he’s great.)

Saturday night was a birthday dinner for Jill’s Seattle friend Lindsey L.R. at the excellent Marrakesh, a rollicking Moroccan joint. Photos should soon be posted on the celebrations page of their site. Lots of fun.

Oh, and I almost forgot: on Friday night Jill and I encountered an incongruous sight near Dupont Circle: a Jewish bike gang. They were in town for the Ride to Remember. The group was about 20 strong. They’d come down from New York. They had two rabbis with them. They rode enormous motorcycles. And two of them were wearing Harley Davidson yarmulkes. I’m not making this up.

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