A Few Notable Items

mypetfat “consists of a 1oz. replica of body fat and a set of thoughts that are called mind stretches. Together, they are the mypetfatTM program.” (Thanks to David Z. for the link.)

–The ever-prescient Nick M. sends along this excellent link: “The Road to Turducken, Part 2”: “The second day of the journey to the heart of turducken is one of brutality and strife, a far cry from the homey warmth of stuffing smells and southern comfort foods.”

–The most laughable thing I’ve heard in a long time: Dubya says “No President has ever done more for human rights than I have.” Um, okay. Just ask those POW’s–sorry: “enemy combatants”–down in Gitmo. I’m sure they’ll agree.

AP: “BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – A man was mauled by a lion after jumping into its pen at the Buenos Aires Zoo and holding out his jacket as if it were a bull fighter’s cape, doctors said Monday.”

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