Single, Individually Wrapped Bananas for Sale in Singapore

Spotted recently at a 7-Eleven here in the city-state: bananas, in individual plastic bags, bearing the words “single and available.” The sunglasses. The plastic bag, despite — as a colleague pointed out on Twitter — the fact that bananas are naturally individually wrapped. The “tip” at the bottom about when best to consume bananas according […]

Singapore Taxi Hack: Mirror for Passengers to Check Oncoming Traffic

I spotted this clever feature in a taxi cab here in Singapore recently. Had never seen anything like it. As you can see in the image above, the car had a mirror affixed to the outside of the rear seat passenger side door. When passengers get out, they can use it to check for oncoming […]

Economist Special Report on Singapore: Complacency Could be Biggest Threat

This week’s Economist has a special report on Singapore. From the intro, called “The Singapore exception”: Singapore is, to use a word its leaders favour, an “exceptional” place: the world’s only fully functioning city-state; a truly global hub for commerce, finance, shipping and travel; and the only one among the world’s richest countries never to […]

Lee Kuan Yew, 1923-2015: Some Links Worth Checking Out

I was traveling when Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, died Monday, and haven’t had a chance to blog about his passing until now. (Pictured above: a recent sampling of Singaporean newspapers’ front pages.) Here are some links I suggest checking out. The WSJ obituary: Lee Kuan Yew, who dominated Singapore politics for more than […]

My Favorite Artist at Art Stage Singapore: Yang Yongliang

In my post a couple of weeks ago about Art Stage Singapore, the annual Asia-focused exhibition held here, I promised to post some more photos. Here goes. I really, really enjoyed walking around the space and taking in all the varied works. These iPhone snapshots are meant to show a sampling of what was on […]

Highly Recommended: Art Stage Singapore

Yesterday A and I attended the final day of Art Stage Singapore, held at the Marina Bay Sands exhibition center. It’s an art fair where galleries from all over the world display various works, with a focus on Asian contemporary art. Here are a few of my Tweets from yesterday about pieces with technological* themes. […]

NYT’s Roger Cohen, Writing from Singapore, on ‘Asia’s American Angst’

The New York Times‘s Roger Cohen, writing from Singapore, says Asia needs the United States to counter China. And it’s not getting that now. Further, a new, regionally assertive India under Modi is a long way off: Outside China, there is a consistent theme in Asia. It is concern that declining American power, credibility and […]