NYT’s “Snow Fall”-like South China Sea multimedia story

Online today: a “Snow Fall“-like New York Times Magazine multimedia feature on the South China Sea. The piece uses an in-depth, narrative text story about a visit to a Filipino outpost to examine how China and other countries are vying for control in the resource-rich area. There are videos, images, sounds, maps (like the one […]

Jim Stewart on the NYT’s Future Following the WaPo Sale

I was lucky enough to study with Jim Stewart at Columbia this year, and I always look forward to reading his New York Times column, called “Common Sense.” In his stories, Stewart often examines complex business and economics issues by focusing on facts and evidence and questioning conventional wisdom. His latest column, which ran Friday, […]

More on Matt Gross, the NYT, and multimedia travel journalism

In Jan., 2009, I wrote a post praising the work of the New York Times‘s Matt Gross, aka the Frugal Traveler. For the last several years, Matt has been combining text, blog posts, and videos to create a unique brand of personality-driven travel journalism for the Times. Matt has supplied readers — and viewers — […]

U.S. Senator Jim Webb: “We Can’t Afford to Ignore Myanmar”

Just wanted to point out that U.S. Senator Jim Webb has a New York Times op-ed about his recent visit to Myanmar. Worth a read. Webb discusses Myanmar’s isolation, China’s influence, and the importance of U.S. engagement. My previous post about Webb’s visit to Bangkok is here. And here’s my post about Aung San Suu […]

Rohingya rescued off Indonesia

Here’s a new Rohingya story from the New York Times: “Burmese Refugees Rescued at Sea” JAKARTA, Indonesia — Dozens of refugees from Myanmar, rescued by the Indonesian Navy after drifting aboard a wooden boat at sea for almost three weeks, are receiving treatment at a hospital in Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesian […]

Matt Gross and multimedia travel journalism

What’s the best way to tell a travel story? Newspaper and magazine travel journalism, as we know, typically aims to pair descriptive, compelling text with illustrative photography. But what if you add complimentary video and a blog to the mix? The New York Times‘s Matt Gross — the Times‘s Frugal Traveler — has been producing […]

“Web news wars” and CNN.com

Brian Stelter has a good story in today’s New York Times about CNN.com and “Web news wars” among top news sites. Some snippets that caught my eye: On media ubiquity CNN now is as close as any news entity is to achieving ubiquity, with an array of television channels, Web sites, a radio network, airport […]

“Goalkeeper Science” in the NYT’s 2008 Year in Ideas

As I may have mentioned in the past, I’ve been a soccer (football) goalkeeper since the age of 7. I can’t get enough of the game, and I absolutely love goalkeeping. (I still play regularly today.) ((A few of my favorite goalkeeper-related Web sites include The Glove Bag — an exceptional online community of goalkeepers […]