Thailand’s New 50 Baht Note

For what it’s worth: There’s a new 50 baht note in town.

Here’s a snap of one I came across recently in the wild:

2012 01 25 new 50 baht note

For reference, here’s what the old bill looked like:

2012 01 25 thai 50 baht old

According to this Jan. 12 press release (link is a PDF file) from the Bank of Thailand (BOT), new versions of the rest of Thailand’s denominations will be introduced later.

The BOT release says the new 50 baht note has “new advanced counterfeit deterrent features” such as a watermark, security thread, and more.

And the bill has “tactile marks” that “represent the Braille number 5…” to assist the visually impaired.

There’s more from the Phuket Gazette and the new-to-me Banknote News.

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