10 links

Some Thailand-related, some not:


Image credit: daniel n. reid

  1. Interview with Claudio Sopranzetti: The politics of motorcycle taxis — New Mandala
  2. Temple dispute surfaces againStraits Times
  3. US slips, China glides in Thai crisis — Asia Times Online
  4. Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America — PetaPixel
  5. Soccer’s Growth in the U.S. Seems SteadyNew York Times
  6. Longtime journalist Daniel Schorr dead at age 93 — AP
  7. Leaving Asia’s shade — Banyan/Economist
  8. Atletico to be without star players for Bangkok gameBangkok Post
  9. Sugar trade’s sweet spot turns sour in Thailand — AP
  10. The Best Magazine Articles Ever — Cool Tools