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Thailand blood protest: images from the prime minister’s house today

Here are my images from today’s red shirt “blood protest” — is that an official term now? — at the prime minister’s house. You can find the details in this BBC story. And there’s more from GlobalPost and AP.

I have a short video of the blood dousing incident itself, and will try to share that later. For now, here’re the pics…

There’re a few more images in the full Flickr photoset.

As ever, I’ll continue to monitor events. Follow me on Twitter for real-time updates.


Images from today’s red shirt blood protest


Self promotion: Blood protest pics featured on BoingBoing


  1. Crazy pictures. Very artistically done of an insane situation. Great job.

  2. Awesome stuff, Newley. And well done for getting on Boing Boing.

  3. Christopher Daw

    wow, incredible pics and amazing stuff.

  4. Patrick Winn

    Excellent work, Newley.

    Fun fact: Nurses supposedly added an anti-coagulant to keep the blood from turning into pudding.

    I’m going to go bleach my eyeballs now.

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