I’m not sure exactly when turned into a food blog, but I’m back with another culinary-centric post.

I wanted to follow up on La Monita, the new Mexican restaurant here in Bangkok. You’ll recall that I wrote about this place back in Nov., before it had opened.

My feeling is that La Monita now offers the best Mexican food in the Thai capital, though there are admittedly only a few Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants here.

You can find La Monita’s Web site here, and they’re also on Twitter (@LaMonitaBkk) and Facebook.

A and I have now eaten at La Monita twice, and while I don’t have any images of the dishes to share, I can tell you this: the owner, Billy, knows his stuff. The food is excellent, and the atmosphere is festive and welcoming.

A few of the standout dishes include:

  • Shrimp tacos with tequila flambe and cheese
  • Fish tacos
  • Steak quesadillas
  • My suggestion for ordering is simply to ask Billy for recommendations.

    Also, for drinks, I’m told that the margaritas are good. I haven’t tried them, but I really enjoyed a different — and new to me — drink: the Michelada, which Billy tells me is a popular beverage in Mexico City at the moment.

    Micheladas consist of beer mixed with lime and hot sauce; they’re served in a salted glass. Here’s a WSJ story about Micheladas.

    Worth a visit, to be sure.

    La Monita Taqueria
    888/26 Mahatun Plaza (about 100 meters down, on the left)
    Tel. 02-650-9581

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