“Autos Katrina” For Sale in Bolivia

A recent episode of Marketplace — one of my favorite podcasts — contained an excellent story from Ruxandra Guidi. It’s about how cars that were damaged by hurricane Katrina have ended up for sale in Bolivia. While the automobiles may look fine, many are mechanically beyond repair.

Life Lists

The New York Times’s Alex Williams on “life lists”: … Once the province of bird-watchers, mountain climbers and sufferers of obsessive-compulsive disorder, the life list has become widely popular with the harried masses, equal parts motivational self-help and escapist fantasy. … Evidence of the lists’ surging popularity is all around. The travel writer Patricia Schultz […]

Passers-by Purloin Protest Papayas

Bangkok Post: Greenpeace’s protest against the lifting of a ban on open-field trials of genetically-modified (GM) papaya yesterday was met with an unexpected reaction from a crowd of onlookers. Passers-by took matters, and tonnes of papayas dumped by Greenpeace, into their own hands, and ran off. The environmental group dumped the papayas in front of […]

Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Star Trek Inspirational Posters. This one reads: “CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.” Related: Demotivators. (Via.)

Thailand’s Amulet Craze

Jennifer Chen has an excellent story in the Wall Street Journal about Thailand’s Jatukam Ramathep amulets. Don’t miss it. Not so long ago, Nakhon Si Thammarat was a sleepy town with no obvious tourist attractions — or tourists. Its economy revolved around shrimp farming and fishing. Now this provincial capital in southern Thailand is crawling […]

Thai Voters Approve New Constitution

CNN/Reuters: Thailand’s voters have approved an army-drafted constitution, but a hefty “No” vote suggests December’s general election will be messy, with ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra still a potent political force. With 98 percent of votes counted on Monday in Thailand’s first referendum, the Election Commission said about 57 percent of people had accepted the […]

Khao San Road Goes Upscale: My Story in Today’s New York Times

I’ve got a travel story in today’s New York Times. It’s about how Bangkok’s legendary Khao San Road, long a meeting place for backpackers, now offers a variety of upscale amenities.

“Why Thailand’s Generals Will Root for Man U”

Time’s Hannah Beech: The guy selling spears of chilled guava down the street sports a Chelsea football jersey. Everywhere in soccer-mad Bangkok, in fact, people wear garments proclaiming their affiliation with one or another English Premier League team. But one jersey you’re unlikely to spot? That of Manchester City. It’s not because City has struggled, […]

Online Resource for Sunrise and Sunset Times

Gaisma provides “sunrise, sunset, dusk and dawn times for thousands of locations all over the world.” The image above is “Manhattanhenge: A New York Sunset,” by Neil deGrasse Tyson via APOD.

Strange Maps: Three Views of the US

Here’re three amusing visions of the US from the blog Strange Maps: The United States of Florida, Ex Unum Pluribus: New American Nations, and (pictured above) The United Countries of Baseball.