My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts. Would life be worth living without them? Here’re some of my faves:

NPR: Shuffle. A daily compilation of the best stories from Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and other shows.

— NPR’s World Story of the Day. Same concept, but limited to foreign dispatches.

ESPN/Soccernet Extra: A bunch of English football journalists discussing the week’s news. Heavy emphasis on the English Premiership.

43 Folders Podcast. Thoughts on personal productivity from Merlin Mann. Centers on David Allen’s Getting Things Done approach. Lots of Apple-related geekiness.

The Marketplace podcast. The daily business show from American Public Media.

The Splendid Table podcast. Features “abundant information on food preparation, appreciation, and culture.” Thanks to A for turning me on to this one.

KQED’s Pacific Time podcast. The show “explores the ideas, trends and cultural patterns that flow back and forth between Asia and America.”

World View, from The New York Times (scroll down to the bottom). Discussions with the NYT‘s international staff.

This American Life. Obviously.

Rojas Spanish Language Podcast. For intermediate to advanced Spanish speakers. I like the host’s Peruvian accent.

On the Media. All media criticism, all the time.

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