Propaganda: Thai-Style Design Store

My latest Gridskipper post is about a Bangkok design store called Propaganda.

Kazakhstan 52, Thailand 1

AP/ Changchun, China — Kazakhstan scored 52 goals against Thailand in Asian Winter Games hockey competition yesterday, but the goal that brought the most cheers came from the outgunned Thais. The Asian hockey little guys went into the game knowing they were going to lose to tournament favourite Kazakhstan, but an opportune goal seven minutes […]

“Warm Whiskers” Eye Pillows

God help us. The Warm Whiskers freezable or heatable eye pillows help reduce eye puffiness and strain, headaches, facial tension and sinus pressure. Each animal is filled with relaxing lavender and chamomile. Send this cuddly friend to bed with your little one or enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic warmth yourself. (Via.)

Ecuador’s Defense Minister Dies in Helicopter Crash

CNN/Reuters: Ecuador’s first female defense minister was killed on Wednesday after only nine days in office in a mid-air collision of two helicopters, government and military officials said. The accident in the Andean nation further rocks the leftist government of President Rafael Correa, who has clashed with Congress over his executive powers and prompted street […]

Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick

Not new, but worth mentioning. God bless America. Junk Food Blog: The Jimmy Dean brand of breakfast food won my nod of approval when I found this lovely new entry. Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick Chocolate Chip pretty much takes what my wife often eats at IHOP and puts it all on a hand-held […]

Big AirAsia Sale

I’m not normally one to point out travel bargains, but this one appears to be significant — and it’s ending soon. Travelzoo: Book within the next 3 days and be treated to the cheapest flight you’ll ever find – period! AirAsia is giving away 1,000,000 FREE seats to over 70 routes within Asia. Just pay […]

How Much is a Rai?

The rai is a unit of land measurement here in Thailand. You’ll see references to land the size of so-and-so rai, etc. But exactly how much area, I was wondering yesterday, is one rai? In researching the answer to that question, I stumbled upon this: rai: a traditional unit of land area in Thailand. The […]