Photos of an Old Russian Sub Base

Here’re some stunning pics of an old Russian sub base in Balaklava, Ukraine . Some description: Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Balaklava was one of the most secret towns in Russia. 10km south eas of Sevastopol on the Black Sea Coast, this small town was the home to a Nuclear Submarine […]

Squid Salad — and a Metric System Screw-Up

Before: a mere squid. After: squid salad. A few nights ago, A and I made squid salad. Or actually, A made the squid salad and I cleaned the squid (the Thai word for squid is plaa meuk). I volunteered to do so, as it sounded like an adventure. Cleaning squid can be a very messy […]

Thai Tacos: Khanom Buang

My latest Gridskipper post is about khanom buang, an interesting Thai street food made by filling pancakes with coconut cream and topping them with either egg yolks or onions. Mmmm.

Bangkok Street Traffic as Seen from My Balcony

I often enjoy sitting on my second-story balcony and watching the ebb and flow of Bangkok street traffic. I don’t live on a major boulevard — my neighborhood is almost entirely residential, and what I typically see is motorcycle taxi drivers ferrying passengers to their houses, people walking out to the main road nearby, folks […]

Thomas Swick on Cuenca, Ecuador

Thomas Swick has an exceptional travel story about Cuenca, Ecuador in Sunday’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel. As many of you know, I lived in Cuenca for a year and I can tell you this: Swick nailed that story. He captures the essence of the city in a remarkable way: the colorful characters, the bohemian feel, and […]

Cruzin Cooler

The Cruzin Cooler: Cruzin Cooler combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking. With modern technology, the Cruzin Cooler is light-weight and comes in various sizes and is available in gas and electric models, with a 10 mile […]

North Korean Counterfeiting

Snip from a long New York Times Magazine story about North Korean counterfeiting efforts: Though there is some dispute on the timing, the first counterfeit big-head supernotes might have arrived on the market as early as 1998. Like the earlier generation of supernotes, the big-head imitations show an ever-growing attention to detail. “They would certainly […]

Urban Porch and Meadow

NYT: David Puchkoff, Eileen Stukane and their daughter, Masha, were sitting on their porch, looking out over a carpet of sedums topped with tiny yellow, white and purple flowers and watching storm clouds build over the Empire State Building. Front porches are hardly the norm in high-rise Manhattan, nor are rooftop meadows, but the couple […]

Choosing an EPL Team

Sportswriter Bill Simmons has a great new column on choosing an English Premier League team to support. The season starts on August 19; I shall be rooting for Arsenal, as ever. (I had a 24-hour layover in London in January of 2001. First thing I did upon arrival: took the tube to see Highbury, the […]

Garrison Keillor: “Times Have Changed”

Garrison Keillor: Times have changed, and I know this because I have children, two of them, one born in the old days and one in modern times. One was born back before seat belts, when a child might ride standing up in the front seat next to Daddy as he drove 75 mph across North […]