Hello from Formosa


A quick note to inform you of my new coordinates. I’m writing this from a smoky, dimly-lit gaming cafe* in Kaohsiung, Taiwan**. As most of you will remember, this is the city in the south of the island where I spent last year teaching English. Big ups to Steve (aka Mammoth) and Crystal for putting me up.

I left Seoul on Saturday night and flew two-and-a-half hours to Taipei. Spent the night there, and then bussed five hours down here to Kaohsiung yesterday. I’m here for the next several days. And after that…well, I don’t wanna spoil the surprise. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out where I’m heading next.

I’ve only got limited Web access*** over the next few days, but I’ll be posting more photos from my last night in Seoul soon. It was somethin’ else.

[*The joint is packed to the gills with Taiwanese guys smoking cigarettes and playing first-person shooter games, FYI.]

[**To get all meta on you, I’m actually at the very Web cafe outside of which I took the photo above almost exactly 12 months ago. Oh, and sorry about the screwy punctuation. This keyboard is all messed up; just be thankful that I didn’t have to compose this post using Chinese ideograms.]

[***But not so limited to have missed the story of Dark Lord Cheney shooting his buddy full of bird-shot.]

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I used to live right upstairs from one of those net cafes. After I got DSL at home, I felt weird NOT hearings video game sword fight and gunfire sounds while checking my email. It just didn’t feel right to be able to read in silence and breathe clean air…

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