A Few Links

—Wendy H., God bless her, sends word that “Trekkies 2” is now available on DVD. (The follow-up to the hilarious “Trekkies,” this flick never came out in theaters. For shame.) — Would you believe that a spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Fleet command is named…drumroll please… Lt. Cmdr. Flex Plexico. Believe it. Seriously. With a […]

Jalapeno pepper hands: how to cure the burn

🌶️ Update, August 19, 2018: It’s been fourteen years since I first published this post, and the comments just keep coming. It seems this affliction is still plaguing folks. Read through and please weigh in with your suggestions below! July 3, 2004: The story of my friend’s accident involving jalapeno peppers. Read his tale and […]