Newley’s Notes 180: Streaming Video Wars; Apple’s Privacy Push; YouTube Under Fire; Silly Dogs in Churches

Hi, friends. Welcome to the latest edition of Newley’s Notes. 🆕 My latest story, which came out Tuesday, is about the streaming video wars here in India. 🎥 The headline: Netflix and Amazon Trail a Local Video Rival in India That’s Now Disney-Owned. It begins: To win in India, home to many of the world’s […]

Netflix and Amazon Trail a Local Video Rival in India That’s Now Disney-Owned

That’s the headline on my most recent story, out Tuesday. It begins: NEW DELHI—To win in India, home to many of the world’s next billion internet users, Netflix Inc. and Inc. are copying the tactics of a video-streaming service built for the local market. Hotstar dominates the Indian market. Launched four years ago by […]

Newley’s Notes 178: Tsu-NaMo; Fake Pelosi Vid; SF Blues; Beagle Puppies

🇮🇳 Well, it’s official: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back. In a big way. Official results out Thursday showed he’s won a sweeping mandate for another five years. 🌊 “NaMOMENT,” “Yes! Prime Minister,” “Modi Tsunami,” “Modi Magic,” “Tsunamo.” Those were among the newspaper front page headlines on Friday. I posted some photos of them […]

Modi’s Re-Election Means More Scrutiny for U.S. Tech Giants

That’s the headline on my newest story, out Friday. It begins: NEW DELHI – U.S. technology firms recently facing pushback in India, the world’s biggest untapped digital economy, can expect more scrutiny following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resounding re-election, according to executives and analysts. They expect Mr. Modi’s government to continue tightening restrictions on […]

India Antitrust Watchdog Sniffs Around E-Commerce Players

That’s the headline on my newest story, a scoop out yesterday with my colleague Rajesh Roy. The lede and first few grafs: NEW DELHI–India’s antitrust watchdog is assessing the domestic e-commerce sector, a step that could have consequences for Inc. and Walmart Inc.’s Flipkart, which dominate online sales in the country. In a questionnaire […]

Amazon, Facebook and Walmart Need to Watch Their Backs in India

That’s the headline on a story I wrote Tuesday with my colleague Rajesh Roy. It begins: Hoping to match China’s success at protecting and promoting homegrown tech titans, India has plans to continue tightening restrictions on Inc., Walmart Inc., Facebook Inc. and other foreign firms that have come to dominate the country’s budding internet […]

Amazon, Walmart Foiled as India Tightens E-Commerce Rules

That’s the headline of a story I wrote Thursday with my colleague Corinne Abrams. It begins: India is tightening restrictions on foreign e-commerce companies operating in the country, in a new challenge to Inc. and Walmart Inc. as they bet billions on the nascent market. Current rules forbid non-Indian online sellers from holding their […]

Amazon India Doormat Flap; Assessing the G.A.N.; You’re Tying Your Shoelaces Wrong — This Week’s Newley’s Notes

Edition 80 of my email newsletter went out to subscribers yesterday. It’s pasted in below. To get these weekly dispatches delivered to your inbox before I post them here, enter your email address here. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s brief, and few people unsubscribe. Hi friends, thanks for reading Newley’s Notes, a weekly newsletter in […]

Book Notes: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

Note: From time to time I share notes about the books I’ve been reading, or have revisited after many years. For more such posts, see the Book Notes category The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, by Brad Stone Published: 2013 ISBN: 0316219282 Amazon link Brief Summary The fascinating story of the […]

Amazon Pulls Indian-Flag Doormats as New Delhi Threatens Punishment

That’s the subject of my story yesterday, which begins: Inc. pulled doormats emblazoned with the Indian flag from its Canadian website after the South Asian nation’s foreign minister threatened to oust the Seattle company’s employees. “This is unacceptable,” Sushma Swaraj, India’s foreign minister, wrote on Twitter Wednesday in response to a posting from a […]