Are the best new Thai chefs farang?

That’s the provocative title of an upcoming event at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) that I look forward to attending. It’s on Mon., Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. here in Bangkok. The announcement on the FCCT site helps put the issues — which I’ve mentioned before — into perspective: You have only to […]

Krispy Kreme arrives in Bangkok

The Financial Times: Krispy Kreme opens on a high in Bangkok: As western corporations scratch their heads to work out how to make the most of Asia’s growth, it is sometimes worth remembering the tried and tested, like the combination of an established brand, lashings of sugar and a pinch of hype. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts […]

David Thompson, foreigners, and Thai cuisine

A much-discussed story here in Bangkok at the moment is this IHT piece about David Thompson, an Australian chef known for his cuisine at the Michelin-starred Thai restaurant nahm, in London. Thomspon recently opened a branch here in Bangkok. The lede: It’s been a rough year for Thailand. First there were the images of deadly […]

AP: “Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated”

Most street food available in Thailand is safe to eat. I’ve never fallen ill after eating a meal from a street-side vendor — including the fruit I often buy from local hawkers. But this AP story today is worth checking out. Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated: BANGKOK — Fruit buyers, beware. A survey of […]

“Crisp your hype” with “African Style” potato chips and sausages

My previous two posts clearly illustrate my unhealthy obsession fascination with the World Cup. But I am also, as many readers know, always on the lookout for quirky snackfoods. So this advertisement in today’s Bangkok Post — in which these two interests of mine converged in a mishmash of globalization, odd English phrasing, and apparent […]

Where to eat in Bangkok, by Austin Bush

Visitors who are new to Thailand and have culinary questions about the Thai capital should check out “Where to eat in Bangkok 2010,” a new post by Austin Bush. I can tell you from personal experience that Austin has a great deal of knowledge about Thai cuisine, and he has a good feel for what […]

La Monita: Bangkok’s best Mexican food

I’m not sure exactly when turned into a food blog, but I’m back with another culinary-centric post. I wanted to follow up on La Monita, the new Mexican restaurant here in Bangkok. You’ll recall that I wrote about this place back in Nov., before it had opened. My feeling is that La Monita now […]

Cameroonian food in Bangkok: Amirra restaurant

Yesterday I had a remarkable eating experience — one of the most interesting culinary outings in all of my time here in Thailand, in fact. And it took place not at a Thai food stall or eatery, but at…a Cameroonian restaurant. I discovered the place thanks to my Cameroonian friend S, who’s on my soccer […]