Thailand flooding update October 31, 2011: Yingluck says flooding shouldn’t worsen, but others warn Thonburi still at risk

Here’s the latest as of 6:30 p.m. today, Mon. October 31, 2011: Summary Prime Minister Yingluck said today that the flooding situation shouldn’t worsen, but Thonburi — western Bangkok — is still at risk. Many of those who have been hit hardest by the floods in central Thailand and northern Bangkok are still in need […]

Thailand flooding update October 30, 2011: Authorities say things are improving

Here’s the latest as of 10 p.m. today, Sun. October 30, 2011: Summary Authorities said today that the worst may have passed, with the city’s flood defenses surviving this weekend’s high tides. To re-cap the current situation: Northern, northwestern, and eastern Bangkok have been hit, as has central Thailand. Business, commercial, and tourist areas of […]

Thailand flooding update October 29, 2011: Bangkok’s flood defenses hold

Here’s the latest as of 9 p.m. today, Sat. October 29, 2011: Summary Inner Bangkok largely remains dry, but flooding continues to affect other parts of the city, especially in the north. The Thai government was forced to move its flood relief operations away from Don Muang airport due to flooding there, but the Thai […]

Thailand flooding update October 28, 2011: Minor flooding hits Grand Palace and outer reaches of Sukhumvit Rd.

Here’s the latest as of 10:30 p.m. Bangkok time today, Fri., October 28, 2011: Summary Flooding today hit downtown Bangkok’s Grand Palace and, briefly, the outer reaches of Sukhumvit Rd.’s Pra Khanong area. It is still unclear, however, whether more of central Bangkok will be affected. New maps The United Nations Institute for Training and […]

Thailand flooding update October 27, 2011: People increasingly leaving, but potential impact to central Bangkok still unclear

Here’s the latest as of 9 p.m. Bangkok time today, Thurs. October 27, 2011: Summary More and more people are evacuating Bangkok, with areas outside the city severely affected. However, it is still unclear if, when, or to what extent central Bangkok will be hit. Some reports say Bangkok officials have said the worst may […]

Thailand flooding update October 26, 2011: All of Bangkok is vulnerable, says Bangkok governor

Here’s the latest as of 8 p.m. Bangkok time today, Wed. October 26, 2011: Summary Bangkok’s governor said today that all of Bangkok could be hit by flooding. According to an official news agency, he said a large amount of water could arrive tonight (Wed. night). The governor reportedly said areas along the Chao Phraya […]

Thailand flooding update October 25, 2011: Don Muang airport now affected, and a new “worst case scenario” map

Here’s the latest on the flooding here in Bangkok as of 3:30 p.m. today, October 25, 2011: Summary The domestic airport, Don Muang, has now been hit by flooding, affecting commercial flights. Suvarnabhumi, the international airport, is fine. (See AP story below.) The government has declared Oct. 27-31 as a holiday to allow people to […]

Thailand flooding update October 24, 2011: Warning issued last night for more areas of northern Bangkok

Here’s an update as of 8 p.m. Bangkok time today, Mon. October 24, 2011: Summary Last night the Bangkok governor announced that a new area of Bangkok’s north is now under threat. This includes Don Mueang airport, the area near Chatuchak Weekend Market, and more. (See news stories below.) Bloomberg reports that two nights ago, […]

Thailand flooding update October 23, 2011: A new time frame frame for recovery, and questions about Saen Saeb canal

Here’s a quick update as of 11 p.m. Bangkok time today, October 23, 2011: Summary Yesterday the government said the floods could last six weeks, but today said things could improve by early next month. (See AP story below.) One news item reports that PM Yingluck says inner Bangkok is, indeed, at risk — and […]

Thailand flooding update October 22, 2011: Map of northern’s Bangkok’s Prapa canal

Just a quick update as of 3 p.m. Bangkok time today, October 22, 2011: New map Some of yesterday’s news coverage focused on flooding caused by overflows from Prapa canal, in Bangkok’s north. I wasn’t able to find many maps of the canal online yesterday, so I wanted to share this map, below, from today’s […]