Myanmar’s ‘Citizen Journalists’

Geoffrey A. Fowler, in the Wall St. Journal: “As Myanmar’s regime cracks down on a growing protest movement, ‘citizen journalists’ are breaking the news to the world.” At 1:30 yesterday afternoon, a cellphone buzzed with news for Soe Myint, the editor in chief of Mizzima News, a publication about Myanmar run by exiles in New […]

Myanmar: Military Fires on Protesters Myanmar’s security forces fired automatic weapons into a crowd of anti-government protesters, after attempts to clear them from the streets on Yangon, reports said Thursday. A Japanese national was shot and killed by the military junta, the Japanese Foreign Ministry told CNN. There are claims by dissidents that four protesters were shot on Thursday. […]

News from Myanmar (Burma): How to Follow the Events Online

Bangkok, 3 p.m. — Things are heating up next door in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma. AP/CNN says that police have now begun cracking down on protesters. Here are a few online news resources for those of you who’d like to follow the events: — A Google news search for Burma or Myanmar […]

Myanmar: Government Warns Protesters

Reuters (“Myanmar junta threatens action against protesters“): Fears of a repeat of 1988’s bloody crackdown by Myanmar’s ruling generals grew on Tuesday after the junta threatened action against monks at the centre of the biggest anti-government demonstrations in nearly 20 years. The Burma Campaign UK said its sources in Yangon had reported soldiers being ordered […]

Protests in Myanmar

Here’re some recent accounts of the ongoing protests next door in Myanmar. New York Times (“Monks’ Protest Is Challenging Burmese Junta“): The largest street protests in two decades against Myanmar’s military rulers gained momentum Sunday as thousands of onlookers cheered huge columns of Buddhist monks and shouted support for the detained pro-democracy leader Daw Aung […]’s Ask the Pilot on the Phuket Plane Crash

In today’s Ask the Pilot, a column, the author tackles “wind shear, aging planes and the safety of budget airlines.” (Image via

Phuket Plane Crash: More Info

Here’s more info on Sunday’s plane crash in Phuket. 89 of 130 people on board were killed, many of them foreign tourists. AFP: “Thai crash officials probe system problem, foul weather” AP: “Authorities struggle to identify more than 30 victims of the Thai plane crash” And a Wikipedia page has been created; it contains the […]

Football Team Management 2.0 Quick update about MyFootballClub, which we wrote about when they launched in May. The venture, which hopes to harness the wisdom of crowds to manage a professional league soccer team (or football club, if you prefer), has just reached its target of 50,000 members. If all members follow through and pay their GBP 35 […]

Plane Crash in Phuket, Thailand

NYT/AP: BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — A passenger plane filled with foreign tourists crashed Sunday as it tried to land in heavy rain on the island of Phuket, splitting in two as it was engulfed in flames, officials said. At least 66 people were killed. The budget One-To-Go Airlines was carrying 123 passengers and five crew […]

Ecuador: “Pay us not to drill for oil”

From Foreign Policy’s blog, Passport: In a unique environmental scheme, Ecuador’s government is asking developed nations to pay $350 million for them NOT to drill for oil in a major field in the heart of the Amazon. The sum represents about half of the estimated revenue that Ecuador would receive from drilling in the Yasuni […]