New York to LA in Just Over Two Hours

Wired: A new generation of supersonic private jets could trigger a boom in luxury high-speed flight — without the sonic boom normally associated with breaking the sound barrier. Lockheed Martin’s advanced Skunk Works unit is designing a small, 12-seat passenger jet that would travel at 1,200 mph (Mach 1.8) but which would produce only a […]

Bangkok’s Quirkiest City Guide

I’ve got a new post over at Gridskipper; it’s about Bangkok’s quirkiest online city guide.

Bikes of Burden

Bikes of Burden is a coffee table book featuring images of Vietnamese motorbike drivers hauling around enormous amounts of various and sundry items. I saw a copy in a bookstore here in Bangkok recently; it’s fantastic. The author is Hans Kemp, a Dutch photographer. Here’s a gallery of some pics from from the book. This […]

Wat Arun

Here’s a photo I snapped of Wat Arun the other night. It was raining, and the mist made for an eerie effect.

Pics of Fans with Celebrities

CelebSafari: “Community submitted, non-professional photos of celebrities out and about.” Come for the Brangelina and the Christopher Walken, stay for the Weird Al and Steve Martin. (Via.)

I Heart Pluto

Tim Kreider had an amusing op-ed in yesterday’s NY Times regarding the recent controversy surrounding Pluto’s classification as a planet. Pluto is what my old astronomy textbook rather judgmentally called a “deviant,” and I’ve always felt a little defensive on its behalf. I’ve long regarded Saturn’s misty tantalizing moon Titan as the Homecoming Queen of […]

Google Quechua

Thanks to Google Quechua, Indigenous people in the Andes can now search the Web in their native tongue. Economist: Estimates of the prevalence of Quechua vary widely. In Peru, there are thought to be 3m to 4.5m speakers, with others in Bolivia and Ecuador. The language has long been in slow decline, chiefly because the […]

Armor of God PJs and a Hybrid Mutant

Two reader submissions to share: Armor of God PJs: The whole Armor of God Pajama set will help your children to depend on God to protect them from their fears, doubts, and uncertainties at night so their sleep can be restful and peaceful. Thanks for the link, Dave T. And from Benny C: AP: TURNER, […]

Skype, Writely, and GMail Notifier for Mac

Three tech updates for you: 1) Skype. It rules. But you knew that. I’m all up on it. Finally got a headset and mic and am no longer pussyfooting around. So hit me up VoIP-style. My Skype ID is newleypurnell. (And yes, I know I’m like five years late with the whole calling-over-the-Web thing, but […]