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Month: October 2005 (Page 1 of 7)

The Banana Bunker

Don’t tell the fine folks at, but there’s a new kid in town. Say hello to the Banana Bunker.

(Via FA.)

Those Who Fail to Learn From History…


The National Security Agency has kept secret since 2001 a finding by an agency historian that during the Tonkin Gulf episode, which helped precipitate the Vietnam War, N.S.A. officers deliberately distorted critical intelligence to cover up their mistakes, two people familiar with the historian’s work say.

Lighten Up, Hugo


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged families not to mark Halloween, calling it a US custom alien to the South American nation.

“Families go and begin to disguise their children as witches. This is contrary to our way,” Mr Chavez said during his weekly radio and TV show.

He also said Halloween was a “game of terror”, the AP news agency reported.


Bolivia: Here We Go Again


Bolivia’s general election – supposed to be taking place on 4 December – has been postponed amid a row over the reallocation of congressional seats.

The election was called earlier this year as a way of ending street protests that had led to the resignation of President Carlos Mesa in June.

But a fresh row has broken out after a court awarded more seats to the more developed eastern part of Bolivia.

The vote can still be held in December if the politicians reach a deal soon.

El Baile de Yoda

You have to see it to believe it.

Yoda, Star+Wars

A Big Week for Coming Out

First it was the WNBA’s Sheryl Swoopes. And now it’s Star Trek’s Sulu. It’s been a big week for coming out. Must be something in the air.

A Buried Pyramid in Bosnia?

Could it be?

pyramid, Bosnia

You Can Call me F. Stop Fitzgerald


Thanks to a loyal reader for pointing out that the above pic, which I recently snapped using a slow-exposure setting and a small tripod, was featured on the Washington blog DCist today. I spotted a Metro bus gliding to a stop outside my place on Rhode Island Avenue and 2nd st., NW the other night, and the rest is history. Here’s the bigger version.


More on “The Back Dormitory Boys”

Turns out that video I linked to a few days back is only one of many available from China’s own “The Back Dormitory Boys.”

Caught Rouge-Handed


A former Khmer Rouge commander convicted over the 1994 murder of three Western tourists has been captured in Cambodia, officials have said.

They said that Chhouk Rin – who had been on the run for nearly a year – was detained in the north of the country.

Chhouk Rin was given a life sentence in 2002 for involvement in the abduction and killing of the three backpackers from Britain, Australia and France.

No word as to whether or not he’d been holed up with Gary Glitter.


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