A Few Things

First of all, more on our Thailand beach trip. It was excellent. We ate a ton, including a special Thanksgiving buffet (we were staying at an American resort; besides having tasty Turkey Day vittles, the place also featured tall doorways and high-up-on-the-wall shower heads and the like, which was fabulous since I crack my noggin […]

Off to Phuket, Thailand

Jill and I leave tomorrow morning for 5 days of fun and sun and sand in Phuket, Thailand. We’re meeting Jill’s parents there. I know, I know: it’s a tough life we lead. Happy Thanksgiving in advance. Back at ya on Monday.

“The Top 40 Bands in America Today”

Here’s the list, according to a bunch of music bloggers. I’m not afraid to say I’ve never heard of a lot of these acts. (Although I’m not sure how much I trust the folks who weighed in, considering the incredibly unimpressive Strokes topped their list last year.)

What I Miss from Home

Mike W. writes to ask what I miss from home. He wonders if I have a longing for NPR. Nope, Mike, I don’t. I love NPR for sure, but I don’t miss it here. Perhaps because it’s at my fingertips whenever I get a hankering for it. There are a few things I find lacking […]