Monthly Archives: October 2004

Weblogs of Note

Here’re some new-to-me Weblogs I’ve been enjoying; I’ll be adding them to the left side of this page soon:

Peruvia: “A Synthesis of English Language News on Peru”

Michael Stein: a writer and Web strategist who works with non profits.

Micro Persuasion: “Steve Rubel on how blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations.”

FunctionalAmbivalent: a funny Weblog written by a guy with the best bio ever.

The Taipei Kid: a fellow foreigner living in Taiwan.

extension 337: a Weblog about nonprofits and technology.

Screenhead: lots of links to amusing stuff.

Steven Berlin Johnson: the acclaimed author who writes about technology and culture.

Did Hobbits Really Exist?

BBC: “Scientists have discovered a new and tiny species of human that lived in Indonesia at the same time our own ancestors were colonising the world.

The three-foot (one-metre) tall species – dubbed “the Hobbit” – lived on Flores island until at least 12,000 years ago.”

Gone Scooter Campin’

We’re outta here for the weekend. Going camping in Maolin, a state park not far from here. (This’ll mark the first time I’ve ever driven a scooter to a camp site. Should be amusing.)

An Update on Learning Chinese

It’s been a few months since I updated you on the progress I’ve made learning Chinese. And there has been some progress–albeit modest.

Jill and I stopped taking our Chinese classes two months ago since we felt we weren’t putting in sufficient time studying outside of the classroom, and we were falling behind in the text book. But what little we did learn we’ve put to good work.

In fact, in the last few weeks, I’ve had a few very simple exchanges with locals entirely in Chinese. They go something like this; and they usually take place at a 7-11 or other convenience store.

Me: “nihao” (hello)
Taiwanese person: “nihao” (hello)
Me: “duoshaoqian?” (how much is it?)
Taiwanese person: “ee bai” (one hundred)
Me: (handing over my money) “ee ga daitze” (one bag, please)
Taiwanese person: “hao” (okay).
Me: “Shieshie. Dsaichian” (Thanks. Goodbye).
Taiwanese person: “dsaichian” (goodbye).

So there you have it, folks. The result of 8 months of immersion in a Chinese-speaking society. I can now buy items at 7-11 and speak a few words of Chinese (quite poorly). If this isn’t reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is…

Back in Kaohsiung

We’re back in Kaohsiung. The weekend in Taichung was a lot of fun (even though the team performed poorly on the field).

Here’re a few links that’ve come to my attention:

–“NEW YORK (Reuters) — Brewer Anheuser-Busch says it will introduce a caffeinated, sweet-flavored beer for twentysomething club goers to compete with the flavored rums and vodkas gaining ground on the dance floor.”

“Bin Laden is in China.”


–“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a bull moose hanging by its antlers from an electrical power line in the middle of the Alaska wilderness.”