Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, and Home

After Vientiane, Jill and I took a bus five hours north to Vang Vieng, Laos, a scenic little resort town in the north of the country. It reminded me of northern Vietnam–limestone peaks and lush vegetaion crowding up against the Mekong River. Our highlight (or lowlight?) for this portion of the trip was surely an […]

On to Laos

After Angkor Wat, we took a flight from Phnom Penh to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Vientiane’s a sleepy city spread along the banks of the Mekong river. Not much happens there. And that was a nice reprieve from the din of Phnom Penh and the overwhelming sensory onslaught of Siem Reap. We spent our […]

Some Links

I’ll take a break in describing our Southeast Asian sojourn to share some interesting links I’ve come across while digging out from under a pile of emails. Enjoy: “Child pimp and ho costumes” (where was this when I was in college?) Starbucks Gossip Weblog DropCash, “a simple way to organize a fundraiser.” “How to […]

Angkor Wat

After a few days in Phnom Penh, we took the bus 5 hours north to Siem Reap, the town closest to Angkor Wat. We purchased 3-day passes and set about exploring the ruins. They’re absolutely incredible. Though the area is collectively referred to as Angkor Wat, that name actually describes just one of the temple […]

One More Image from Phnom Penh

Here’s one more indelible image I took away from Phom Penh. I forgot to mention this in my last post. I saw four women crammed onto the seat of a small scooter careening down the main riverside boulevard–not an unusual sight in itself, since people here in Asia tend to treat scooters as family vehicles. […]

Next Stop: Phnom Penh

Gary Glitter, the British pop star who had a couple hits in the 70’s, was convicted of kiddie porn offenses in England several years ago. So he fled to Phenm Penh, Cambodia. It’s no wonder: the Southeast Asian kingdom has a reputation for being soft on sex tourists. Jill and I spent four days in […]

One Night in Bangkok

I only have time over the coming days to tell you about our just-concluded Southeast Asian sojourn in bits and pieces. So consider this post the first installment. Jill and I spent the first night of the trip in Bangkok. (Yes, “One Night in Bangkok,” as the song goes.) We had a layover there before […]

Back in Kaohsiung

A quick note to say we’re back in Kaohsiung. Wow. What a trip. The magnificence of Angkor Wat; the horror of the Khmer Rouge’s brutality thoughout Cambodia; Laos’s Luang Prabang, one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited. It was all incredible. I’ll be writing more here about our travels, but just wanted to post […]