The American Imperium

Josh Marshall, who writes about American foreign policy better than anyone I’ve read (including Tom Friedman, who I simultaneously love and hate), writes in the current New Yorker: American power is magnified when it is embedded in international institutions, as leftists have lamented. It is also somewhat constrained, as conservatives have lamented. This is precisely […]

A Few Things

1) First of all, Jordan M. sends along this excellent article from today’s NY Times. “Someone Is Stealing Avocados, and ‘Guac Cops’ Are on the Case.” (Loyal readers know that I make a mean guacamole. Or at least I think I do. And also, I like to compare avocado prices throughout the Americas–they’re about 25 […]

Huffin’ Down the House

Wow. Jack W. sends along this breaking news item from Roll Call: House Pages Expelled for Chemical AbuseBy Jennifer YachninRoll Call StaffFriday, Jan. 16; 09:44am Seven students were expelled from the House Page School last Friday after they were found abusing household cleaners. School officials discovered the students apparently using aerosol dust cleaner — which […]