Gone Fishin’

I won’t be posting for the next week. Tomorrow morning, I’m driving up to Washington, DC, where I’ll meet up with Newley.com political analyst Jack W. On Monday morning, we’ll pick up Win L. and make our way up to Vermont, where we’re meeting a group of friends for new year’s celebrations. Yes indeed, I’ve […]

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wealth

Josh Marshall points out this snippet from David Brooks’s column in today’s New York Times: I remind Oakeshott that he was ambivalent about the American Revolution, and dubious about a people who had made a sharp break with the past in the name of inalienable rights and other abstractions. But ours is the one revolution […]


I’ve edited the links on the left-hand side of this page. I’ve removed some superfluous stuff and added some new blogs. They are: —Baseball Musings, the title of which speaks for itself; —Jim Henley‘s Weblog, which covers politics and culture; –Reason Magazine’s Hit & Run Weblog;–Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo, in which he reflects on […]

Happy Holidaze!

A few interesting photos from around the world this Christmas day: Saddam decked out in his holiday getup, Blitzen gets frisky in Alaska, Santa camel in Egypt, Santa monkey in Tokyo, ice lamps in China, workers take a smoke break in Hong Kong, and an Indian army solider executes a jump on his motorcycle in […]

“Ha! I Kill Me!”

This is the best Festivus present I ever could have asked for: “ALF” is returning to TV! E Online: “This just in from the home office in Melmac: The 7,385 signers of the “Bring Back ALF” online petition letter have finally gotten their wish. The furry, cat-craving extraterrestrial star of the 1980s NBC sitcom, most […]

Rolf Potts Reports from Nicaragua

Rolf Potts, a travel writer I admire, has just published the first in a series of articles about his exploits in Central America. Check out his inaugural dispatch from Granada, Nicaragua; Slate will continue to publish his thoughts as he makes his way, as part of the Drive Around the World expedition, toward Argentina. (Side […]

Back in the Land of Formidable Plumbing

The differences between life in Ecuador and life in the United States are myriad. Different languages, different customs, different food, different people. But for me, transitioning back to living in The US-of-A ineluctably boils down to one thing: You can flush your toilet paper here in America. In Ecuador, the plumbing is chronically weak, so […]

Just Send Cash

My birthday is this Sunday. The big three-oh. I thought Jennie Dorris, in Tuesday’s Black List, summed up quite nicely why this year is sure to be the most craptastic of all. “HAVING A BIRTHDAY NEAR CHRISTMAS: I have a birthday on December 21. Yeah, go ahead and do what all my friends do, which […]