Off to the Jungle

I won’t be posting anything here until Tuesday. Jill A., Mike F., and I are leaving tonight for an Amazon jungle expedition. We’ve got Monday off school, so we’re getting out of dodge. We’re heading to Tena, a town notheast of here, in the rainforest. And from there we’ll book passage into the heart of […]

Typhoid Fever Hits Cuenca

(Preliminary note to my mom: don’t worry. I’m fine.) Typhoid fever–yes, Typhoid Fever–has hit Cuenca. A Spanish teacher at my school came down with it a few days ago. She was hospitalized briefly and she’s recovering now. And two people who’d had close contact with her also tested positive. They’re being treated with antibiotics as […]

Korean Cat Washing Practices

Aaron Tassano, a friend I know through my New York pals Nick M. and Russell W. and Reeves H., is teaching English in Busan, Korea. And he’s blogging up a storm. An especially hilarious posting from a few days ago: Cats are only in Busan because they eat rats. The cats here are wild and […]

Mad Props to Beaufort, SC

This should be of practical interest to approximately .001% of’s readership. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to buy a vacation home, check out my adopted hometown, Beaufort, South Carolina. MSN Money says it’s one of the top 10 American towns for “second-home investments”: You know Beaufort, even if you’ve never been there. You’ve seen it […]

Checking in on Bolivia

I’m not writing about Bolivia very much these days, as events there have slowed down; Indigenous protesters are giving Carlos Mesa, the new president, a grace period to see how his new policies shape up. But Randy Paul and John Smith are keeping tabs on what’s happening in La Paz. I recommend checking out what […]

A Party for the Ages

A brief anecdote: Last Saturday night, I attended an unbelievable party at my girlfriend Jill A. and my buddy Mike F.‘s apartment. It was perhaps the best soiree I’ve been to here at latitude zero. Jill and Mike live with an Ecuadorian woman; she’s friends with a great number of gay men from Cuenca. The […]

An Oldie But a Goodie–Just in Time for Halloween

If you’ve never seen this, feast your eyes on Japanese Cat Costumes. (Scroll down for photos.) Simply unbelievable.

Ecuadorian Arms Trafficking

Last May, I met an American woman who lives in Riobamba. She said rumor had it that a munitions plant explosion there this time last year was no accident: lots of people think it was orchestrated by the military in order to hide evidence that the army had sold small arms to Colombia’s FARK rebel […]

Ecuador’s Amazon Jungle: Oil Spills and Nuclear-Enabled Headhunters

A couple interesting items from another poor Andean nation: Ecuador. Home sweet home. First, the AP’s Gonzalo Solano brings us up to speed on the ChevronTexaco trial. The American gas company is being sued by an Ecuadorian Indigenous group for polluting the rainforest. And second, a story that’s too good to be true–mainly because, well, […]

Bolivia News Round-Up

The stories from Bolivia this Friday afternoon have one common theme: coca. Writing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Daisy Pareja, a journalist who grew up in Bolivia, reflects on her home country’s future. She concludes that coca is–and will continue to be–the major issue: …the (coca) farmers are said to be growing many times the […]