Goodbye, La Paz

We made it out of La Paz this morning on a 5 a.m. bus–the roads are clearer in the morning, we were told, and we made it through difficult spots outisde the city thanks to what appeared to be a military escort. Of course, I can’t be certain–we were told to close the curtains on […]

Update from a City Quietly Under Siege

Bolivia is a mess. But here in La Paz, things are quiet. Our hopes to travel overland from here to Ecuador via Peru next week, however, are looking increasingly bleak. Reuters says the protests may well increase next week: “Hundreds of thousands of Bolivian workers from miners to bus drivers plan to go on strike […]

Report from La Paz: Hemmed In by Roadblocks

We’re still in La Paz. Having a great time with my brother–despite the fact that the city is cut off from the rest of the country. Protesters have roadblocked all highways leading in and out of La Paz, so our plans to travel down to the famed Uyuni salt flats, in the south of the […]

Update from Bolivia

We arrived here in La Paz Saturday night. It was not an easy bus ride from Puno, Peru. After spending Friday waiting out the aforementioned protests/roadblocks, we were able to book passage on a bus leaving Saturday morning for the six-hour journey across the Bolivian border and into La Paz. After crossing over into Bolivia, […]

Stuck in Puno, Peru

We’re stuck in Puno, Peru, a town next to Lake Titicaca. We’d planned to take the bus six hours to La Paz this morning, but all the roads leading into Bolivia have been shut down. The border is, in effect, closed. Protesters, most of them indigenous, have shut down roads throughout Bolivia. They’re angry that […]

Hola y Adios a Ecuador

A very quick note: I arrived in Guayaquil without incident Sunday night and have been relaxing here in Cuenca since then. But now it’s off to visit my brother in Bolivia. I leave from Guayaquil tonight on the red-eye to Lima; from there it’s on to Cuzco, where we plan to bus, with a stop […]

No More “Ecuadorian Time” for Lucio

AP: “President Lucio Gutierrez will set a national example and start showing up on time for meetings and appointments in an effort to combat a national lack of punctuality, a government spokesman said Monday.” My favorite line: “Locally referred to as keeping ‘Ecuadorean Time,’ the nation is known for showing up late to sporting, media […]

Chris Hitchens on September 11th

Hitchens writes: Reflect upon it: Civil society is assaulted in the most criminal way by the most pitilessly reactionary force in the modern world. The drama immediately puts the working class in the saddle as the necessary actor and rescuer of the said society. Investigation shows the complicity of a chain of conservative client states, […]

“Make Someone Smile on September 12” The anniversary of September 11, 2001 brings back many sad memories, and the days that followed were moving in untold ways. Amid the loss, shock, and fear, people reached out to one another. New Yorkers, so often stereotyped as living too independently, treated each other tenderly and patiently. The grief shared around the world […]