Che Guevara: The Image

Che Guevara: The ImageThe image of Che–staring off into the distance, looking determined and serene–is everywhere in Ecuador. It’s on tee shirts (mostly worn by gringos) and frequently seen as grafitti. This interesting article examines the popularity of the visual icon. After all, Che and Fidel Castro were buddies, but we don’t see Fidel’s image […]

The Onion: Richer but Less Funny?

The Onion: Richer but Less Funny?I’m glad the Onion is now profitable. But the publication’s much less funny than it used to be. Seems to have been getting progressively more boring over the last six months. But maybe it’s just me.

Pirates Persued by Patrols; Poachers of Patagonians will Pay!

Pirates Persued by Patrols; Poachers of Patagonians will Pay!BBC: “A trawler suspected of fishing illegally for the endangered Patagonian Toothfish in the Australian fishing zone off Antarctica is being escorted back to Australia after a three-week chase.”

“The Mendacity Index”

“The Mendacity Index”“Which [recent] president told the biggest whoppers?” From Washington Monthly (which, by the way, is an excellent publication).

MIT’s OpenCourseWare Project

Wired reports that MIT now puts all of their course materials–“every lecture, every handout, every quiz”–online for free. And students around the world are taking advantage of the project.

“Satan’s Little Helpers”

“How the Devil Uses the Liberal Media to Manipulate Society.” No word on whether or not that compelling screed was penned by the Alabama “Ten Commandments Judge” or one of his supporters.

Checking in on Ecuador

Checking in on EcuadorThe international relations analysts at, enjoying the luxuries of American life and simultaneously suffering pangs of nostalgia for dear sweet Ecuador, read with interest that about a thousand Indians and union workers marched through Quito yesterday. They were protesting Ecuadorian prez Lucio Gutierrez’s economic policies, which include higher taxes meant to […]