Lucio: I’m No Hugo C.

Ecuadorian president Lucio Gutierrez says he won’t become an authoritarian figure, like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. He also says he’s not pressing for amnesty for his Army buddies who helped him overthrow the president in 2000. And, finally, he claims Ecuador won’t be de-dollarizing in favor of a common Andean currency.

Ecuadorian Corpus Christi Celebrations: Bring on the Fireworks

The other night I attended a Corpus Christi celebration in Parque Calderon, Cuenca’s central square. Mostly this celebration involved quasi-official-looking Ecuadorian men setting off HUGE amounts of fireworks (and often lighting them with their smoldering cigarettes). Specifically, a 40-foot-tall, steel-framed cross was decorated and adorned with various fireworks–spinners, shooters, you name it. Said fireworks were […]

Update: “Pollen Cownt” Media Coverage

Mike W. points out that Jordan M. has been charactersitically modest regarding her bovine creation. She didn’t mention that she was profiled in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle last week.

Jordan’s “Pollen Cownt”

My friend Jordan M., I’m extremely proud to say, has designed and decorated a cow that’ll be in Atlanta’s upcoming CowParade! Her very cool design is called “Pollen Cownt”–photos of the (quite demanding, due to the sheer size of the bovine) painting process can be seen here. Many congrats to Jordan, whose design was one […]

Trip Details

Here’s a quick re-cap of my recent travels: two Wednesdays ago, some friends and I made our way up to Quito, where we enjoyed culinary delights unavailable here in Cuenca. Namely, Indian food and bagels. Lots of bagels. Then we headed north, to Otavalo, home of Ecuador’s most famous indigenous market. (And we stayed in […]

Away for a bit

No Postings for the Next Week-and-a-HalfI’ll be away from the Web for a while–some friends and are are leaving tomorrow to do some traveling. Our (very tentative, very flexible) itinerary includes Quito, Ibarra, and Esmeraldas. Should be fun.

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The End of an Era (of Bad Refereeing)

Byron Moreno, the controversial (okay, really really bad) Ecuadorian referee I mentioned here and here, has quit.