My Burgeoning Culinary Skills

My Burgeoning Culinary SkillsAnyone who knows me can testify that I’m a terrible cook. Or actually, it’s much worse than that: I don’t cook. I simply don’t do it. But things’ve changed. With no TV or Web connection in my apartment, I’ve been forced to find new sources of amusement. Thus, my culinary skills are […]

Deportivo Cuenca 1, Barcelona de Guayaquil 0

Deportivo Cuenca 1, Barcelona de Guayaquil 0I witnessed a great soccer game last night. Or actually, I witnessed a somewhat dull game last night–but one that was played in an electric atmosphere. Deportivo Cuenca, currently 4th in the table, shocked the first-placed Barcelona de Guayaquil by the score of 1-0. The stadium was way oversold; […]

Will Congo be the Next Rwanda?

Will Congo Be the Next Rwanda?Thousands of innocent people are getting slaughtered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (In fact, 3.3 million Congolese have been killed in wars in the last five years.) And the UN isn’t doing anything about it. (And obviously the US isn’t, either. There’s nothing to be gained from committing troops […]

For Rent: My Writing Skills

For Rent: My Writing SkillsA quick note to let everyone know that my writing skills are for rent (or for sale, depending on what’s being offered). I’m looking for freelance writing gigs; following are my areas of expertise: travel, sports (specifically soccer), Internet strategies and Web marketing, TEFL/ESL (teaching English to non-native speakers), book publishing, […]

Byron Moreno: Suspended Again

Byron Moreno: Suspended AgainFollowing his dismal performance last weekend (which I witnessed and described here), Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno has been handed a one game suspension. (Thanks to Nick M. for the heads-up on this one.)

“Pygmies Want U.N. Cannibal Court”

“Pygmies Want U.N. Cannibal Court”CNN reports: “Pygmy activists from Congo are demanding that the United Nations set up a tribunal to try government and rebel fighters accused of slaughtering and eating Pygmies during fighting in the northeastern corner of the country.”

Bad Ex-Pat Writing, Continued

Bad Ex-Pat Writing, Cont’dFollow-up on the godawful editor’s letter I linked to yesterday: Part of what I hate about it is that it reflects the worst in ex-pat attitudes–a vacuous approach to living, a lack of interest in local culture, and the romantization of drug use simply for the sake of drug use. And so […]