Back from Peru

I’m Back from PeruI’m back in Cuenca. It’s good to be home. My friend and I arrived here last night. Classes start again on Monday.


FlubTitlesMy friend Jordan, who’s an extremely talented medical illustrator, it must be said, just sent me a funny site via her hilarious pal Pete. The site is FlubTitles–an amusing compilation of Engrish subtitles from Hong Kong DVDs. And I can now say this with complete assurance: this moment, right now as I’m writing this, is […]

More links to war coverage

More Links to War CoverageI’m still in Peru. At the beach with my friend Mike. Waiting for the Ecuadorian consulate to process our long-term visa applications so we can continue traveling and then return to Cuenca. There’re worse places to be stranded, of course. So I can’t complain. I’ve been using the Web to follow […]

Following the war from rural Peru

Following the War from Rural PeruIt’s strange following the war in Iraq from rural Peru. I don’t have access to a TV, and Web connections are slow and sometimes elusive. Nick Denton, though, has put together a nice collection of Web sites posting reliable and up-to-date war news.

Report from Mancora

Report From Mancora, PeruI’ve been in Mancora, Peru for the last few days. I had to leave Ecuador and re-enter the country in order to apply for a long-term visa, so I decided to travel for a week or so before returning. Mancora’s a sleepy little beach town on Peru’s northern coast; lots of sun, […]

SELA Foundation

The SELA FoundationLast week, my friend Mike introduced me to the friendly, hard-working folks at The SELA Foundation, which is based here in Cuenca. SELA is involved in legal services, human rights, and conflict resolution for marginalized groups in rural and suburban Southern Ecuador. I look forward to learning more about their work.

Photos, at Long Last!

I’ve finally gotten around to scanning in some photos of my various adventures here. In mostly chronological order, here goes: —Me jumping over a fire on New Year’s Eve (a local tradition) —Some Ecuadorian friends jumping over the same fire on New Year’s Eve —An Ecuadorian guy dressed in drag on New Year’s Eve (also […]

“The Plague We Can’t Escape”

“The Plague We Can’t Escape”Larry Kramer, writing in the New York Times, notes that 50 million people around the world are infected with HIV, and that “in China, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and Russia, the number of AIDS cases is predicted to double by 2010, with a total of 50 million to 75 million infected people […]

Civil War Ninjas

Civil War Ninjas“So, then, on to your central thesis. I certainly can’t dispute your assertion that the presence of ninjas at Gettysburg would have altered the outcome of the U.S. Civil War. However, it is one thing to make this statement and quite another to claim that a clan of ninjas indeed was present and […]