Monthly Archives: September 2002

Random House’s new site

Random House, my ex-employer, has, at long last, re-vamped their home page. While the new graphical design makes for a better look, I see some problems:

1) Most important–and I’m really surprised that they’ve done this–the front page locks visitors in, so they can’t click back from whence they came. A major mistake. It’s an annoying tactic.
2) The site employs Flash, which I don’t like. It’s unnecessary. And some people don’t have the plug-in required to make it work.
3) The front page is too busy.
4) They’ve buried the page that lists their email newsletters, and it should be advertised prominently on their front page. They should be making more of an effort to get people to subscribe to their various email communications–email is an important element in keeping people psychologically connected to Web sites.