“Oh Blue-Eyed Thais, Flaunt Your Western Genes!”

“Oh Blue-Eyed Thais, Flaunt Your Western Genes!” (New York Times; free registration required.)

This week’s New Yorker

There’s some great stuff in this week’s New Yorker: Rebecca Mead’s short, wonderfully-written piece about the evolution of the New York Times‘s Sunday Weddings pages; Jane Mayer’s description of how the “Car Talk” guys’ anti-S.U.V. campaign went awry; and an interesting argument, from James Surowiecki, that the Bush Administration’s economic policies are pro-business, rather than […]

World leaders pronunciation guide

Voice of America has a really cool feature on their site: a country-by-country pronunciation guide for the names of world leaders.

Bouton on the impending baseball strike

Jim Bouton, a former Yankees pitcher, says we should blame the owners, not the players, for the impending baseball strike (New York Times; free registration required).