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Month: August 2002 (Page 1 of 4)

“Meet Mr. Anti-Google”

“Meet Mr. Anti-Google.”

“Oh Blue-Eyed Thais, Flaunt Your Western Genes!”

“Oh Blue-Eyed Thais, Flaunt Your Western Genes!” (New York Times; free registration required.)

This week’s New Yorker

There’s some great stuff in this week’s New Yorker: Rebecca Mead’s short, wonderfully-written piece about the evolution of the New York Times‘s Sunday Weddings pages; Jane Mayer’s description of how the “Car Talk” guys’ anti-S.U.V. campaign went awry; and an interesting argument, from James Surowiecki, that the Bush Administration’s economic policies are pro-business, rather than pro-free market.

World leaders pronunciation guide

Voice of America has a really cool feature on their site: a country-by-country pronunciation guide for the names of world leaders.

Bouton on the impending baseball strike

Jim Bouton, a former Yankees pitcher, says we should blame the owners, not the players, for the impending baseball strike (New York Times; free registration required).

“Invading Iraq: What Do You Think?”

Invading Iraq: What Do You Think?

“Pouring It On”

“Pouring It On: The Starbucks Strategy? Locations, Locations, Locations.”

“My goals”

“My Goals,” by Ellis Weiner.

“Ninjas attack Congo train”

“Ninjas attack Congo train.”

6.6 million Americans

6.6 million Americans are either in jail, on probation, or on parole. That’s one in 32 adults.

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