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Month: July 2002 (Page 1 of 3)

Tongue surgery

In an attempt to improve their English pronunciation, some Chinese people are undergoing tongue surgery.

Guerrilla marketing campaign

Beware of strangers bearing Sony Ericsson T68i camera/cell phones. They may part of an extreme guerrilla marketing campaign.

“The Ebay Way”

“The EBay Way: How Auction Sites Like EBay Turn Retail Economics on Its Ear for the Betterment of Just About Everybody.”

Lance Armstrong New Yorker profile

Lance Armstrong has won his fourth straight Tour de France. Here’s a revealing profile of the man who is arguably the greatest cyclist ever.

“Grad Student Deconstructs Take-Out Menu”

In other news, “Grad Student Deconstructs Take-Out Menu.”

Japanese ice cream

Welcome to The Wacky World of Japanese Ice Cream. Don’t miss flavors like ox tongue (“What better to tickle the taste buds than tongues?”), wasabi, shrimp (“It’s prawnographic!”), eel, and especially chicken wing (“It actually tastes like a fried chicken wing, which is fine if that’s what you’re eating, but not if you’re tucking into some ice cream.”).

Baseball strike looming

A baseball strike is looming. This NY Times op-ed (free registration required) and Allen Barra’s piece, “Bud Selig’s Buddies,” help explain why.


Chindogu + a hint of Engrish = Prodikeys.

Six Feet Under

The remarkably good “Six Feet Under” has garnered 23 Emmy nominations, more than any other show.

Mahir Cagri update

What’s Mahir Cagri up to these days? (second link is NY Times; free registration required.)

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