Image of the Day: Map of China, Seen from the East

Can’t say I’d ever contemplated the country from this perspective. Via Marginal Revolution. Christopher Jared, who apparently sent in the image, writes in the comments: I have used this perspective of China for insight many times. Look at the proximity of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and then what is in the middle? A large green, fertile […]

How to Achieve Musical Success, According to a Map from 1913

Atlas Obscura: When it comes to finding success, practice does really make perfect. That’s the message behind this 1913 allegorical map entitled “The Road to Success,” a drawing that turns the figurative journey towards artistic triumph into a cartographic depiction of an actual climb towards victory. The map appeared first in an October 1913 edition […]

Thailand flooding on Google Maps

Update two: For more posts about flooding in Thailand as of Sept., 2011, see the Thailand Flooding tag. Update: This post is from Oct. 2010. For more recent flooding news, from March 2011, see this post. As I mentioned here and here, Thailand has been hit by the worst flooding in decades. @thaitvnews has created […]

Map of Bangkok featuring district names

Andy, the author of the excellent blog Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon — a lovingly curated site that provides exhaustive information on Thailand’s administrative subdivisions — has created the cool map of Bangkok you see above. Here’s a bigger version. The author was inspired, I’m happy to say, by a tweet I posted last year containing a […]

Map of Premier League Teams

Speaking of soccer (football), if you enjoy the English Premier League but wonder where some of the more obscure teams are located, check out this helpful map. While most non-British fans know which teams are in London and which are in Liverpool and Manchester, fewer are familiar with the locations of teams like Stoke City, […]