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Thailand flooding: Death toll rises to 41; parts of Bangkok near Chao Phraya river evacuated


Widespread flooding continues in northeast and central Thailand — and now parts of Bangkok near the Chao Phraya river have been flooded, as well. The death toll has risen to 41, with more than 2 million people affected.

Al Jazeera English: “Floods prompt Bangkok evacuation

Residents living near the main river that passes through the Thai capital Bangkok have been evacuated due to fears that the Chao Phraya could overflow following two weeks of flooding that has claimed at least 38 lives across the country.

Bangkok Post: “Flood relief gets a boost as damage tops B10bn

The government is planning to ease spending regulations and set up a relief centre as damage from the flooding tops 10 billion baht.

…and: “Flood toll rises to 41

At least 41 people have died in heavy flooding in 16 provinces since Oct 10, the National Institute of Emergency Management (NIEM) reported on Monday.

And earlier, The Nation had this: “Evacuation set to start

A plan has been drawn up to evacuate residents from riverside communities in 13 districts as the flood crisis intensified in Bangkok yesterday.

For ongoing info, see the #thaiflood hashtag on Twitter.

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More on flooding in Thailand [cross posted to Siam Voices]

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Heavy rains have triggered the worst flooding in decades in central and northeast Thailand.

The New York Times had this story yesterday:

Devastating floods spreading from northeastern Thailand have left 17 people dead over the past two weeks as heavy rainfall has put entire villages underwater, destroyed crops and disrupted transportation and commerce.

Thailand’s relatively well-organized government services appeared to have been caught by surprise and in some areas overwhelmed, with some survivors stranded for days without government aid. Officials describe the flooding, which follows deadly inundations in Vietnam and other nearby countries, as the worst in half a century. Damage is estimated at more than $650 million.

This Thai-language TV report has footage of the flooding (embedded below):

And here are stories from VOA (“Asia Faces Rising Death Toll From Heavy Rains”) and Bloomberg (“Thailand Floods Kill 7 People, Spread to 13 Provinces; Transport Links Cut”).

Some other resources worth checking out:

— This Global Voices post has a map and a video of affected areas.

— A Bangkok Post graphic shows at-risk Bangkok areas — though so far there has been no serious flooding here in the Thai capital.

— A Thai-language site called ThaiFlood Situation has a map, reports, and alerts.

— Another Thai-language site with more info is

— On Twitter, people are using the #thaiflood hashtag to disseminate news about the situation.

— And, of course, for ongoing information, see the Bangkok Post and The Nation.

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