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One Year with our Adopted New Delhi Street Dog, Ginger

November 4th marked one year since we adopted Ginger.

In her favorite perch

If you missed my post from March, here’s the backstory and some pics of her as a puppy. This was the day we got her:

The big day

To recap: She is a New Delhi street dog and displays many of the characteristics of desidogs (also known as Indogs or Indian pariah dogs.)

Now almost a year and a half old, she is fully grown, weighing about 20 kg (45 pounds).

She is an alert, cautious, playful, smart, athletic, and affectionate dog.

She is also quite protective of our house, springing into action and barking if anyone unfamiliar rattles our gate.

She also loves to play fetch.

She is a powerful jumper.

She doesn’t demand to be by our sides constantly, but does enjoy sleeping near (or sometimes directly on) us.

Oh, and she definitely has a mischievous streak. She seems to enjoy nothing more than stealing a shoe or a sock as I sit down to put them on before leaving for the office in the morning, prompting me to chase after her (which is no doubt the point of the “game” for her).

Fetching the newspaper
Beckoning us to come outside to play
Shake on it?
Encountering a goat during a walk in a New Delhi park.
With a blanket stuck on her ear
“Oh, did you *not* want your favorite pillow liberated of its stuffing?”
“Helping” me write a story.
She eats a healthy diet of chicken, rice and high-grade kibble — but occasionally gets her own pancake on Saturdays. 🙂
On an outing at Lodhi Garden.

If you’re interested in adopting a desi dog here in New Delhi (or just want to donate to a good cause) check out the Indian Canine Uplipftment Centre, or ICUC, where we got Ginger.

They do great work rescuing pups and providing medical services to the city’s huge population of strays.

We’ve also had some very informative training sessions with Namratha Rao of Pawsitive Tales. She really knows the breed well and is highly skilled. Get in touch with her if you have any dog training needs.

Here’s to 2019 and beyond with Ginger!

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